Top Rollaway Bed Brands

Accommodating countless guests in a single apartment can often be a matter of worry and problem for many people who are fond of throwing parties especially on Christmas Eve. Hoarding guests in a small room with a single bed or a sofa comes across as the biggest obstacle for countless residents. Often falling prey to the fancy looking sofa cum beds, customers later complain of the poor quality and uncomfortable nature of the product.

No matter how attractive they appear to be, some hideaway bed brands are often successful in fooling the user into believing that these sofa-beds are durable and perfect for long-term use. Unfortunately, what the buyer fails to realize at that point is how these companies lure them into buying extra material like a mattress protector, later on, adding to their budget.

However, to ease out your efforts while buying the best folding bed, we found various options to suit your budget and get your hands on the best fold away. These options include Milliard, Lucid, iBed, and Sleep Master.

Go through the options provided and compare your requirements with the features of the folding bed brands for an improved and an advanced experience.

Best Folding Bed Brands


Enjoying a prominent position in the domestic circuit, Milliard is your go-to company, providing you a variety of option to choose from. Be it a tri-folding mattress or the premium folding bed with the luxurious memory foam mattress that is labeled as the ‘Best Rollaway Guest Bed’, this company offers excellent items that cater your needs in every possible way.

The full-length frame of the bed is constructed out of the finest wood that is rigid enough to withhold the load of two people weighing up to 250 pounds. The supple yet supportive trampoline bed-base provides a comfortable and smooth finish to the customer. The guest bed can be easily wheeled out, unfolded and brought into use. Especially recommended for dorms rooms, attic spaces and even living rooms, this product comes with a sturdy frame made out of solid material.

The unique feature that allows it to stand out is how this product does not require additional tools or instruments to be set up. In fact, it comes with a bracket that helps you attach the headboard or the footboard for a permanent or prolonged use. Ranging $150-$300, Milliard products are easily available on Amazon and will definitely prove to be the best folding bed.



Finding it hard to look for the best rollaway bed for a guest coming your way? Find your safe haven in Lucid’s convertible foam mattress sofa that can be easily converted into a 4-inch king size mattress. While folding it into a half will turn it into a comfortable 8-inch Twin XL foam mattress. This product is for couples and singles both, conveniently transferring the option in your hands. Proving to be one of the best folding bed brands, Lucid offers you a number of products with a wide array of qualities.

Many customers who bought this product provided an extremely positive feedback, admiring the durable and long-lasting finish of the ‘memory foam’. For some, the almost negligible weight of the mattress works as the favorite part as it allows them to easily carry it around. One can easily label it as the best folding bed, considering the countless positive reviews obtained by the super convenient mattress. Customers with a back problem made it their first priority by all means.

Wondering where to get this from? Check and find Lucid products within the range of $80-$300.



As catchy as the name sounds, this company brings forth the best rollaway beds that are highly affordable and extremely convenient to use. New in the market, iBed has nothing to do with Apple (in case you’re confused like we were) instead, it creates a special effect on the customers because of its ultra-compact supported spring and storage bag. Not needing any special instruments to be assembled, these mattresses by iBed can be easily set up.

Some of the features that enabled it to fall into the category of the best fold away or the best roll away bed include its ability to be easily folded into a 5 ½” thick mattress for storage under a bed or in a closet. The sturdy bed frame is made of tubular steel and provides a durable support. Even though iBed recently joined the market, it is already creating a name for providing the best rollaway beds. Light in weight itself, the hideaway bed has the ability to hold up to 275 lbs of weight.

With a range of $80-$350, the iBed hideaway beds can be your perfect companion.



Just as the name of the brand suggests, the mattresses prove to be a master at providing you with the most comfortable and sound sleep. Introducing the latest technology of Bio-foam, Sleep Master has brought evolution to the concept of memory foam while conforming to the same quality. With a warranty of up to 5 years, the mattresses come in different sizes and a master traveler elite folding guest bed frame. Its ability to be folded into half makes it the right choice while traveling as it can actually be the best folding bed that could be easily stored under the bed or in the closet. The company has made use of the highest quality of foam that is certified by CertiPUR-US because it is durable in nature, has the top quality performance and satisfies the customers.

According to users, the bed becomes more comfortable after prolonged use which adds to the uniqueness of the mattress. Easy to afford, this product has become the talk of the town! You do not have to worry about guest crashing at your place anymore, as this super flexible mattress is extremely accommodating and comfy!

We hope this review helps you make an informed choice! Read the full buying guide what to look for when shopping for the perfect guest bed here.